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About Bellingham Pawnshop in Bellingham, WA

Thanks for stopping by the Bellingham Pawn website. We are located in Bellingham, WA - in the picturesque Pacific Northwest! Bellingham Pawn was founded in 1989. We are members of the National Pawnbrokers Association and we are licensed to sell firearms through the State Association of Firearms in Washington state.
We are very proud of our progressive pawn store that prides itself on a modern retail image and professional staff. We buy and sell all types of products both new and used. Please take the time to explore our website and discover the difference!!
We are a one-stop shop for merchandise and quick cash. We provide cash loans on anything of value - truly, no loan is too great or too small. We offer great, LOW PRICES when buying guns, gold, silver, diamonds, tools, car audio & video, guitars, electronics, tools, vehicles and much more with huge selections of new & used merchandise.
Come on over and let our friendly, knowledgeable staff show you the best of what Bellingham Pawn has to offer.
-- Mark Owner, Bellingham Pawn
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Why Bellingham Pawn?


Decades of Experience

Decades of Experience - Bettingham Pawnshop in WA
We have been proudly serving the Bellingham and Whatcom County area since 1989, and our team has well over 60 years of combined experience in the pawn and jewelry business. Call or e-mail us today to speak with a member of our courteous and knowledgeable staff.

Personal Services

Personal Services - Bettingham Pawnshop in WA
At Bellingham Pawn, we care about you and your needs; that is why we offer top dollar for your valuables. Call or e-mail us today to learn more about our team of honest, trustworthy, and friendly pawnbrokers.

Loan Services

Loan Services - Bettingham Pawnshop in WA
Do you need money in a hurry but don't have time to deal with a complicated bank loan? We offer speedy and confidential loans. Our loans are available in amounts as small as $5 and as large as $50,000—no loan is too large or too small for us.

Where to Find Us

Where to Find Us - Bettingham Pawnshop in WA
Our pawnshop is conveniently located on West Maplewood, off the Bakerview Exit (north Bellingham), near the airport and right next to Mykonos Greek Restaurant and Hampton Inn. Visit us to view our inventory of guns, electronics, jewelry and so much more.

New Inventory At Bellingham Pawnshop

Guns & Coffee Merchandise
Come and check out our selection of I love Guns & Coffee merchandise. We carry t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, mugs, stickers hats and water bottles. These items make great gifts and always draw attention.
We Now do Layaway's
We Now Do Layaways Bellingham, WA
25% down!
60 days to pay off in full!
Check out our large selection of new and used guns!
Most new guns come with a lifetime guarantee!!

We Have the Glock For You!

We Have the Glocks For You Bellingham, WA


Glock pistols have become the company's most profitable line of products, commanding 65% of the market share of handguns for United States law enforcement agencies as well as supplying numerous national armed forces and security agencies worldwide. Glock's are also popular weapons amongst civilians for home/self defense.
If you're looking for the right Glock for you, come see us. Right now we have a great selection of New and Used Glocks in stock.
  • Model 22, .40 cal. Gen 3 (New) with 2 - 15 rd. Mags.
  • Model 22, .40 cal with 1 - 10 rd. Mag.
  • Model 19, 9mm with 2 - 10 rd. Mags.
  • Model 19, 9mm, 4th Gen (New) with 3 - 15 rd. Mags.
  • Model 21, .45acp, 3rd Gen with night sights and 1 - 13 rd Mag.
  • Model 23, 40 cal. with 1 - 15rd Mag.
We also have AR-15's in Stock!
  • Bushmaster Carbon .556 AR-15 (New)
  • Smith & Wesson M&P 15, .556 AR-15 (New)

You can get fast loans in just a few minutes!