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New & Used Guns Available in Store!

We have a large selection of shotguns, rifles, pistols, and revolvers. All of which can be purchased in-store and be put on layaway.
How does our gun layaway program work?
We require 25% down
A payment must be made every two weeks
Must be paid off within 60 days

Purchasing a Firearm Online

Are you looking to purchase a specific firearm, that you can not find locally? Try 'Gun Genie' on

Why Gun Genie? Gun Genie is a new state-of-the-art consumer firearm purchasing tool developed by Davidson's, one of America's leading and most progressive firearm distributors. Gun Genie allows you to conveniently purchase that new firearm you've always been looking for!


  • Go to click on the 'Gun Genie' box on the upper left of the page

  • Select the criteria for the firearm you are looking for and enter your zip code

  • Make a selection from your search results

  • Verify your selection and retrieve quotes. You will receive quotes immediately from retailers in your area. Be sure to check Bellingham Pawnshop's quote. We have the lowest fees!

  • Provide your information and deposit 25% of manufacturer suggested retail price

  • Once your firearm arrives at our business, we will contact you!

FFL Transfers

Other guns purchased on the internet can be sent to our pawnshop through a process called an FFL transfer.

Question: What is an FFL transfer?

An FFL transfer process involves two Federally Licensed Firearm dealers shipping a firearm from one to the other. In order to complete the process, the shipping dealer has the legal responsibility of verifying that the receiving dealer is a legitimately licensed entity. This process involves exchanging paper or electronic copies of their licenses prior to the shipment of goods.



Long Gun- $35
Hand Gun- $40

Semi-Auto Assault Rifle- $40